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We released an update for the top 10 deadline!


It mainly focuses on improving the art and optimisation, but also includes some minor fixes too.

@TanookiSuit3 and @Huvaligen have done a great job with the art, and have given it the run down effect we were aiming for!

It's been a blast.







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On 3/10/2020 at 11:20 AM, JimWood said:

I've also created a webpage, similar to the one for the initial release announcement, showing the changes that have been made since then and now.

Take a look!


Fantastic, I would only suggest to put the subscribe button at the top as well, or even better have a sticky bar that sits there wherever you are scrolling. Can be achieved super easily in CSS no need of JavaScript, if is a page you coded yourself.

The other thing I’d comment is the title of the page needs more word-tracking because a few are very close and look like a long word between spacing and characters stroke.

Best of luck with the tournament ✌🏼 

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