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25 minutes ago, WAve said:

The visuals are great. It's a joy to run around the map!

It's a minor thing but the Terrorist bots have no idea how to navigate the map. They seem to get stuck in T-spawn.

Thanks mate!

Yeah the issue is that there are trigger_hurts under the water, apparently they're too close to the navmesh so they think a lot of areas will damage them. Will be looking into a fix!

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Here's some brief Mutiny patch notes for the recent update:


- fixed T spawn ship lagging the server

- improved optimisation across the map

- removed skybox blocking grenades above B coastal side building

- new building and raised platform at CT, replacing some rock

- improved clipping across the map

- added a mapcore logo, somewhere...

- plus lots more changes I've forgotten


Get playing, and please provide as much feedback as you can! 



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5 minutes ago, Brakuren said:


Pretty Weird Bug here. The map Looks really good. I think B Site is a bit too hard to hold/retake. There are just too many angles for CTs to check on B. 

Thanks mate, this will be fixed in the next update, and will take the B site feedback on board!

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