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Ahoy! Mutiny is a defusal map created by TanookiSuit3, Huvaligen and myself. Pirates have swarmed the island to find and retrieve some long lost treasure. The map is situated in an old pirat

Mutiny has been officially released! Check it out on the workshop here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1978052734 If you're interested in seeing some in-depth info

Thought I'd show the progress to B Site: Here's a before/after image slider: Before/After - B

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This is surely coming along well, the style is interesting. This reminds me of Houtouwan, China. Now, I'm assuming the skybox is not final. If it is, then I'd recommend a custom one. The overall layout seems interesting, and this map certainly has a chance. I wish you well in your future development on Cache's sister map.

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57 minutes ago, MadsenFK said:

Thanks mate, will get them sorted!

52 minutes ago, fewseb said:

You forgot to include a kv file for the map, you may think that is insignificant but as it stands the default ST6 CT player models are camo green and dark grey which blends in with a lot of your map.

Cheers for pointing that out!

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