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23 hours ago, mtchromatic said:

This looks super fun! Why not schedule it for a playtest?

Thanks, I requested a play test on Tophatwaffles server for tomorrow, its still only requested so hopefully it will actually happen.


We are aiming for the map to play somewhat like office but with a bit of vertical play, with one hostage spawning upstairs and one in the basement.  We haven't done much play testing (I think like 5 times total with the highest being a 4v4) so I honestly have no idea what the reaction to the map will be.  Either way though this map has meaning to me and it doesn't really matter if it succeeds or fails because I am proud of what I have made.  It being even remotely playable is just icing on the already delicious cake, anything more than that is more than I could ever hope for.

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