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{WIP} DM_Caves


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A small update.

I have discovered the drawcube!! The rock texture now works properly.

I have also scaled the texture down to 0.5. Light remains unaltered. (i

tend to do lighting near end).

caves2_source0005.th.jpg caves2_source0006.th.jpg

I have also done some work on the interior. It is still very dark - there are

also many brushes left from the base hl1 map and textures at scale 2.0.

...But just to show that there really are some cavey bits...(just remember:

You were warned ;))

Looking in from out... and looking out from in...

caves2_source0007.th.jpg caves2_source0008.th.jpg

(Oh yeah that light-in-shadows is due to the disps. not casting a shadow if

the light hits it on the invisible side. But you knew that right! ;))


--- Original Post ---

Hello everybody,

I am new here on these forums. Nice to see so much work in development.

I have just started using Hammer (I

have been using WC and Radiant for

a few years and meddled wiv UTEd).

This is a map i did for a mod (college work). I quite liked it so am converting

to HL2-DM. Currently getting stuck in with displacements (maybe a bit carrried away!).

Anyway i hope you like...

caves2_source0003.th.jpg caves2_source0002.th.jpg

(I have noticed the diagonal line of light (coming out of side of gravgun

in pic above) where there is meant to be shadow. Not sure wot it is but

was gonna research it tomorrow.

Can anyone here able to help? - It occurs in the pic above this one too)

caves2_source0001.th.jpg caves2_source0004.th.jpg

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...But seriously, who uses a variety of textures anyway? (That was a joke, not criticism - it looks good for the most part.)

The textures look rather blurry - do you have them sized up a lot so they don't tile, or is it just the detail level you're running it at?

I wish my displacements looked that good.

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Good start. Theres lots of work ahead.

1. The textures look like they could be muddy due to graphics settings or just jpeg compression. Texture variety all around would give even a simple scene like this a little more depth.

2. The lighting is a little harsh. Although light does cast long dark shadows, it hard for a player to actually play a map with such extremes. Soften up the areas abit with low ambient lighting so you can see whats going on in those areas but still maintain the shadows.

Displacements look very nice though. It must taken a bit of time to achieve that effect. Nicely done.

Keep them coming. :cool:

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Hi folks,

Yeah there is ONE rock texture at the moment - 2 different scales. The brushes from the old map have textures scaled to 2 (from old days when advise was to scale up your rock textures and grass textures to go easy on memory). They remain at 2 so it is easier for me to see old and new brushes. The textures on the disp.s are scaled at 1 (i _think_ they are ok at that but will listen to and consider other opinions).

I will add diversity to textures and fiddle with scaling.

Trees and shrubs should be making an appearance too ;) (Thinking on it!)

Lightwise: there is only the light_env at the moment. I got away with it in hl but obviously needs supplementing in the source engine. (The actual cave is very dark now - was playable in hl).

Just finished last exam today so will spend a lil more time on Hammer over next few wks.

Displacements ROCK!! :banjo:

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