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Blizzard suspends Hearthstone player for Hong-Kong support.

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5 hours ago, AlexM said:

Southpark still manages to have impeccable timing after all these years :D

I was so well impressed with the whole Red Dead Redemption storyline…

and what about all the gender craziness? Yesterday a friend sent me that girls are skipping school because of gender neutral bathrooms

Do you ever wonder how it would be to be a dolphin? 😂 

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EDIT : Update I found another way but suddenly out of nowhere Blizzard is having network issues and I can't delete my account. They contacted me acknowledging the issue and saying they have no ETA.





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What disgusting shit company does something like that.

Not much more info on top of what @AlexM has reported, but here's a brief news article describing the issue


I'm trying to find a way to report Blizzard to some authority, found this for now


kudos to Blizzard employees


Reddit thread where employees standing up have posted the picture of the protest


one of the first comments is scary


And it absolutely sucks. I have been "suspended pending investigation" for 7 weeks now. No pay. No communication. All because I dared email corporate with a detailed list of how our facility WAS going to kill somebody.

3-weeks after the suspension began somebody died due to the exact preventable situation I described.

They're trying to get me to sign an NDA


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Wow, I know Blizzard is just a company, but I thought they might have more balls than this. Im letting my wow classic subscription run out to show a bit of support.

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