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Hello. I am working on this map right now. Concept is an observatory at mountain. I inspired by Sphinx Observatory on Switzerland. The first plan was to have a wingman map. But right now, I am going to add a B bombsite to take part to Exotic Places CS:GO Mapping Contest 2019. What do you think about it?








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The version you have right now has potential, but I noticed a few problems:

  • There are not enough nade opportunities for the terrorists. This can be solved by adding skylights or some other roof features that open up the site.
  • The right side of A is too dangerous for T's to push because there is no where to quickly fall back to safety. Think of upper tunnels in dust 2. If someone decides to push you when you are a T, you usually have the advantage of being able to wait for them in multiple spots. Here, the CT's can peek once and see all the way back to T spawn. This also means there are very few safe places to throw flashes, mollies, and he nades.
  • The window idea is workable, but I would make it much smaller and push it to the left, making it necessary to stand in front of the server to see through it. This way there are no head peeks created, and it is more fair for the CT's. 
  • There are too many entrances for the Terrorists that lead directly to A site. I would suggest turning that catwalk you have on the side of the map into a middle type area, and making it less directly connect to the site (maybe it doesn't go up to a by the stairs, it snakes around or through the building underneath.

I can see the stairs that might lead to B, definitely seems plausible if executed and planned well. Remember to always think about sightlines, the number of meeting points, and including set up areas+ nade opportunities.

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Thanks for feedbacks Interfearance.

  • I will carry CT spawn area to another place.
  • I will put extra obstacles in the outside area, so I will extend the meeting time but CTs can get info from the small point in the window.
  • From what i see on other maps, One bombsite has 3 entrances and the other site has 2 entrances.




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Good progress so far @pylac!!

On 9/5/2019 at 11:26 AM, pylac said:

This observatory concept is really hard because the area is too small. I will do my best. 💪

Keep in mind that gameplay should dictate space, not the other way around. Don't constrain your layout to a visual, constrain a visual to your layout 😉

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