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Nintendo Verus The World


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Fine article, and I agree with few messages coming clearly through. I don't know how they did it but many game media outlets and even customers think that Nintendo died when they released GC they shunned them for not hopping on the internet bandwagon and their plethora of family oriented games, people actually think that Nintendo can't change this time around. The most bizarre thing in all this is that they had a child like belief to Microsoft that they could do better with next-gen Xbox, losing the hulk sized design of the machine and do something about the original controllers, and the insane price ratio.

Well, Microsoft pulled it off and everyone were reliefed, all this believe for MS and none for Nintendo? So how did Nintendo get this big corporation status that everyone hates from? Or better yet, how did Sony avoid it and how did MS get a new face? I'm really glad that Nintendo has those fan boys that cheer at the press release to show their dedication to the big-N, and that means they are here to stay and they have done something to earn that dedication and it won't fade away in the near future.

I'm just hoping that all this, is kept as a competition and not become an open war since I believe Microsoft would win that, they have the tools and know how to wage wars.

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