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Have never done a map before, so let´s see where this ends..



Inca tempel + construction site

Layout inspiration:
Aztec and Overpass.

Layout arrangement:
A map there CT can push up really far (like overpass), but have a hard time to hold it from there.
If you loses ground elsewhere, you have to move back.

I don´t know how to do props, so I will use  old Aztec props and texture. I will make my own when i´m sure about the layout.

Things I want to exist in the level:  

Aztec bridge (with water under, so if you fall.. You die)

Aztec ball court (Mesoamerican ballgame)

And much much more.


Top 5


First sneek peek off mid.



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Have a really hard time with scale of obejects. Not sure how much effort I should put into it before playtest..

This area play well, but dosent look to good 😐

Think it will be great after some custom textures later on 



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i big tip: first finish the layout before detailing so use DEV textures, they are called reflectivity so when you think you have a good layout go ahead and let peaple play on it so you can get some feedback and improve the layout you can block some stuff out with the dev textures for example a house but dont focus fully on detailing 

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