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Just now, Vaya said:

no demo, sorry :(

If you review the feedback given though (CLIP better please!) we can look at playtesting you again asap.



Sounds good! Looks like I'll be spending my day adding lots and lots of clips!

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So I've been doing a lot of things like adding clipping, making the sites easier to defend, and I'm gonna also add a third entrance to A-Site since at the moment, it's really not that interesting. I hope I'll be able to wrap up the layout quickly, as the deadline is coming soon and I have barely made anything in terms of custom assets.

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Well... I've been playing so much GTA IV that I've been slacking on Blossom... This doesn't look good for me XD

Anyways, I spent the whole day modifying the layout somewhat and making it look a bit prettier. I'll be doing some playtesting for the map hopefully soon!

If my predictions are correct, this map will be ready for detailing in a month. So if you want to add any ideas, be sure to tell me any suggestions you have :)

In the meantime though, enjoy some screenshots!







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