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[WIP] Hello Team. Rush B (No name yet xD)

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6 hours ago, P0TAT0 said:

It looks really good, but once concern I have is that you're able to play hide and seek everywhere

Dont worry i make this map so that you cant to this聽馃槈

This is just a layout test for the timings at this moment聽馃槃

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looks very interesting! I like the aesthetics of this map already. not sure aboth the timings since the map is very stretched out... would be usefull to have some spawn and bombsite markers on your overview.聽
Only concern I got on the layout at this point, is that the area at B is very empty and open and has a total of 5 entrances, would be a pain in the ass on the aftherplant.聽

Would be good to use the TAR radar right from the start and upload a radar picture here for us to see. (it will be easier to give feedback and its a great and easy way for you to make a radar for your map)


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