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Map for the exotic competition. Going with a wholly unorthodox approach, but with the intent of fun classic 5v5 gameplay. 

Theme and structure revolves around the cold war era machines known as crawler transporters used (and still used) to carry rockets and very heavy cargo from the assembly building to the launch sites. They are slow metal beasts; a setting in which I believe can support interesting game play.

Map available for play and download on steam here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=18186306031577843757_Crawler1.thumb.jpg.e58f648e952baa7931f8f4b6c82cf7c8.jpg

Here are a few reference photos from the big Google:


Crawler 2.jpg


Work completed includes a map in a playable state, but subject to heavy change. All criticism and playtesting is much appreciated.

 (And yes, the machine moves)de_machine_radar.jpg




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After briefly abandoning this project, I have returned with fresh enthusiasm.

I believe I have ironed out a lot of the balancing issues, perhaps it sits too T sided, more testing needed...

I added some shootout characters in common spots where CT/T would be. Ended up spending more time fighting these wooden boards than I did the bots







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I can get the scroll working but displacements don't like being moved or tied to anything. It can be done, but it looks janky. My other thought is having the sky camera move along a track instead of the scenery. Does anyone know if this sort of this works in hammer?

Ideally i'd like to keep the moving scenery in the map, however, it is causing a lot more hassle :D

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