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BF2 Mod " Frontlines " is looking for 2D / 3D Arti

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hi daniel :)

well...for sure we search for many talented people.

but there are so many newcomer out there and we want to give em a chance.

I mean...its not very difficult to model a table or something like that.

and we need a lot of those things. the modelling leaders and i watch over the work of our newbies. the quality wont go down... ;)

@ insta :

we are not afraid of FH. Theyre really strong but you should have in

mind that everybody played this mod since a long time...for many people it

gets borring. they have so much old stuff like vehicles and bulduings...

they cant do everything again...so the quality of the models will not

be on a BF2 standard i think. but i dont want to talk that bad about them...

we respect them and we wont beat em ...we just want to be a part in the mod community next to every other mod.

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