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Operation:Shadow Phoenix looking for coder(s)

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I am the lead mapper for Shadow Phoenix, a multiplayer mod for Half Life 2 and we are currently looking for coders. As part of the team you will get bandwith to upload anything you wish, and an email adress. I believe we are a talented team, and you will see that with some of our models. But we also have a lot of fun, and are always talking on ventrolio.

If you are interested email or add me on msn at elie_nc_21@hotmail.com or email me at smokey@shadow-phoenix.com

For more info go to our website- http://www.shadow-phoenix.com

Here are some models-






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pretty nice stuff but..

i dun want to play american soldier anymore.. why don't you choose any asian or european army?

in every 2nd game you'll find a M16 and a M1 Abrams. it really starts to get boring :)

bugs are still cool :]

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