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Rain [W.I.P]

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@Kokopelli Thank you for all the feedback!

Since I playtested this map on Tuesday a large amount of changes have been made. I will post screenshots or a video later today rather than waste my time giving a bad explanation of them.

Suffice to say, a lot of cover is removed from the CT sided A site, and there are now 2 T entrances. One is high and perpendicular to the window and primarily fights that whereas the other is low with a door and fights on the lowest level. Hard to explain, but actually more simple than the original to some extent. Basically there are no more unfair headshot angles and T's need to push both entrances to cover eachothers asses. The new setup will almost certainly involve 2 CTs now.

Also, mid has had a rework that gives CTs a lot more space, some other angles, and makes the vent hole a better place to hold. Also I removed an intended T boost where everyone was getting stomped from.

The CT "path" that everyone was falling down was a big miscalculation on my part. I knew my map so well that I didn't consider that it looks like you can go there. I have since stretched mid which coincidentally fills it in bringing the wall with the ladder closer. I will make the routes you mentioned more obviously playable or deadly. 

As for B site and the theme. Basically what I had in mind was the Chinese rooftops of Kowloon, and B site did not exactly make things less confusing. It is something I was inspired by in this one room in a BO2 zombies map, but it was less dense rooftops and bigger buildings so it made more sense. I will have to rethink B for both thematic and gameplay purposes. People have said there is too much cover and not enough of an inspired design on B site. So far A site has been much easier to revise...

Here is the theme I mean 

Call of Duty: Black Ops - First Strike DLC Guide

This interpretation of the theme was from BO1. In the future I will have more surrounding buildings, both close and far. Also I might take the idea of making some of the floors secondary roofs or sort of make shift metal floors. And I will probably get a big neon near T spawn :)

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I had never heard of Kowloon before. Now that I've seen some pictures, I see what you're going for. 

Sounds like some good changes!

You may want to consider making it daytime instead of nighttime. I love the mood that nighttime and rain produces, but you know how it is with the competitive scene. Although, maybe with enough neon lights, or just effective lighting in general, you can avoid having too much of a gloomy feel. A night time map could see success if done just right.

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