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I made this layout in the past two days and yet it feels like it has more potential than any of my other grayboxes.

For the theme read workshop description. Feel free to leave feedback on the workshop or over here.

The name is has to change but here is a temporary one.

Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1821407841



A site:


B site:




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Skybox is much better! And I like the thunder/rain, hope it won't get too depressing though :D

- It feels abit odd that you have a path going to one of the bombsite at the back of CT spawn, this feels abit 'unnatural'.
- At 0:09 you should decrease the fall length, so you won't lose damage. 
- I assume at 0:32 it is the main entrance to one of the bombsites for T's? If yes, I think its risky to put a 'ramp' as entrance because it causes headpeeks.
Also the ladder might be too troubling for the attacking team, maybe make a box or something to jump on, would be better in my opinion. 

Besides these small things, this looks very good and exotic, keep up the great work!

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@Roald Thank you for the kind words and feedback. I have addressed all of the feedback except pertaining to the drop. Previously it was possible to safely walk off (I jumped in the vid by accident). Now I have completely removed the ability to drop and it is just another area to hold site/hide in.

Latest workshop version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1821407841

Update video:


Official update log:

-Shortened A stairs to remove headpeek and make ladder unnecessary.

-Changed CT entrance to building the connects to B site as it was disrupting flow.

-As a result of the previous change, the drop to CT was cut off and I have no intention of keeping it as it added unnecessary complexity to the map.





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@DeadKnife I lowered the volume to 7.5 on the ambient generic (no soundscapes yet).

    If people complain about it I will reduce the particle rain effect and the rain noise. If it ends up being a major problem I will scrap it and make the light env darker and add more map lights to compensate for the lost atmosphere. 

    Thanks for the suggestion though 👍


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I have made some minor lighting and cover tweaks, and gave it a more fitting and final name. The first play test should happen on Tuesday if I didn't mess up the submission form (or the submission itself :shock:).


Tell me why you hate it, how bad source ladders are , that the thunder is too loud, etc. Seriously, any feedback is appreciated.




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This seems like a fresh take on the tried and true clover design.

I like how each team has more immediate control of a connector (T's get easier access to B connector while CTs get easier access to A connector). The whole mid layout seems to encourage fights perpendicularly, which is interesting. Seems like it would be difficult for CTs to hold a push towards the CT controlled connector/sniper nest because their only options for escaping are up the stairs to the windows or jumping down the ladder, taking falling damage and being fully exposed at CT spawn. Seems like it would be extremely difficult to hold mid solo. You also can't jump out the windows very easily, so any CT trying to escape is better off just taking the engagements until he dies.

Also curious how OP it is for the CT sniper player to be able to get a solid viewing angle of the T entrance to mid as well as the main entrance to A. On mirage, the sniper nest player can quickly get a view of A site, but I would say the view is more limited than the one on Rain. Also, if I'm trying to hold A from sniper nest, I'm only going to feel confident doing so if I know another CT is watching mid for me. Ideally this would be a CT player playing the A site connector, but the door prevents that from being a sensible option. So a supporting mid CT player would be better off playing the area at the top of the ladder, which isn''t inherently a problem, but kinda suggests the standard CT setup should be 1 A, 2 Mid, 2 B. If that's what you intended, great! It's just a matter of playtesting it. 

The timings seem pretty good all around, both encounter points and rotations seem viable. Angles are well thought out as well. For the most part, things feel very deliberate, which is great.

One concern is that rotation through mid looks dangerous. Like if I want to rotate from B site through the sniper nest and then through mid, I have to clear a lot of angles of varying heights to do that safely. The CT side of the map seems safer to traverse.

A Site: Interesting layout and there are some cool ideas here. I think one big problem is all the headshot angles that are possible. I like the idea of the site being in a trench, but when players stand closer to the backwall (where sniper nest is) you get headshot angles virtually across the entire site. That means when I peak from A main, I have to scan from left to right and up and down across various elevations to properly clear the site.



RED = Potential Player Position        GREEN = How I would peak the site, from left to right.

Which brings me to another issue--i think there are too many elevations. As much as I love jumping puzzles, I think there are too many in this area. The one with the cables is really damn hard to nail. In its current state I don't think I would ever attempt it, especially when I can boost up there from that middle object. I would reduce the number of elevations and jumping puzzles across the site.

You might be able to alleviate some of the headshot angles by opening up the trench here:


and/or here:


Although I wouldn't blame you if you want to preserve that trench-like feel, since that is sort of the main idea here.

The routes leading out of CT spawn felt pretty intuitive but T side was a bit more overwhelming. This drop here was jarring the first time I played.


I'm sure once there is a skybox and more background this will be less so, but maybe you could add an arrow pointing down or something to suggest I'm not going to die if I go that way.

Another area kinda like that is this one:


It feels like a route you can take but it leads you to your death. Maybe just add a railing here?

Same here, but to a lesser degree. The gap to the right of the railing seems like it could be a route leading from below. I would just make sure it's clear where the boundaries are to reduce anxiety for new players.




Love this whole route to B site. Looks like it would be fun to play. And the site itself seems pretty cool. I like the angles between the pillars and the staircase has some cool angles as well. I'm just wondering if there are too many angles to clear when Ts approach from main. The angles themselves seem good, just maybe too many.

Is this whole map set on top of a single building structure? That's what it looks like when I zoom out but when I'm walking around the map it looks like i'm going across multiple buildings. Also, I see a garage door there, so now I'm really confused. Ha!

Nice job overall. The map feels tight timing wise and design choices show clear intent. Just goes to show there's still plenty of room for fresh designs using the clover structure. This certainly doesn't feel like any other map in the game. Look forward to seeing the progress.

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Mixed A Site and B site

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