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For the contest I'm trying to implement an older idea of mine:

Terroristst are trying to bring down a radiotower by destroying one of it's two anchors. Beforehand they allready blew up the third one.


The setting and layout is completely new though. It's all taking place on a set of adjoining rooftops in a dense urban context.


Let's see how exotic I can make this.

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Just ran through it real quick and I like it a lot, especially the overlapped areas, and the varied elevations! There's also a good mix of interior/exterior, and areas are already distinguishable without art!!

Feels super solid overall, but here's a few things I noticed:



I think the breakable window area with the death pit right next to it might be a bit too crazy... feels like in its current state, players will kill themselves there by accident a lot. The main problem I see is that dropping on the pipe from the window is hard to execute, plus the pipe is hard to even see! I actually didn't notice it the first time and instead tried to jump from the window and land on that floor on the right:


I only noticed the pipe once I looked at the area from the other direction...


Now I'm nowhere near the "E-Sports pro 420 no scope $$$" skill level, but out of 4 times I died 3 times there trying to either make that jump or land on the pipe from the window, so that's feedback for you... works fine on the way up though!




The area with the catwalk and the playable roof on top feels slightly off-metric in a couple ways. You knock your head on that roof when you jump, it kinda feels like you could crouch jump from the railing onto it while you actually can't, same from the stairs onto the roof, etc.


One possible solution would be to lower the whole catwalk area a little bit, by like just a few inches. 

Also dropping onto that part of the catwalk from the roof feels insanely dangerous and kinda clunky:


I'd either make that space wider or align the railing with that roof somehow, to make it clear we should/should not jump down there, whichever you prefer!




This jump on B-site kinda looks possible while it's not. One solution could be to make that object a bit taller to make this visually clear.





This spot under the metal bar looks crouchable while it's not (you probably already planned to put some kind of props there but I wanna point it out just in case):





If we talk about fiction for a minute, I feel like using a bomb to break a single metal wire to take a tower down sounds a bit... ineffective? It doesn't even feel like it would disrupt anything, nor would it make the tower fall, because I think cables like this are only there to protect against wind's directional force, they don't just "hold the tower at all times" lol... maybe these bombsites aren't where cables are attached, and are instead the location of essential elements that make the tower function. For instance one could be power supply, and the other could be server/communication booth. Take this with a grain of salt!

Key concepts of telecommunication on Wikipedia


omg is this the sweatshop where the Mapcore shirts are made??? :v


Either way, great progress @esspho, I can't wait to see where this goes!!

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hey mike,

thank you for taking the time to check out the map. It's all great feedback and gives me a lot to think about.

I'm a little hesistant to loose the anchors tbh, since thats the one core idea behind the whole setup. Hopefully I can make it more convincing (like actually making the tower tilt or something).

Maybe @Squad who actually worked on towers like these in the past can give some advise?

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On 9/19/2019 at 10:50 AM, esspho said:

hey mike,

thank you for taking the time to check out the map. It's all great feedback and gives me a lot to think about.

I'm a little hesistant to loose the anchors tbh, since thats the one core idea behind the hole setup. Hopefully I can make it more convincing (like actually making the tower tilt or something).

Maybe @Squad who actually worked on towers like these in the past can give some advise?

Sorry, I meant to reply sooner.

Firstly, I used to be a rope access technician and not an engineer, so take everything I say with a grain of salt :P

Each cable (or guy-wire) has a pulling force of its own, so with every extra guy-wire destroyed, the remaining ones' impact on the tower will increase. It's a rooftop/skyscraper (?), so there'll probably be a lot of wind (also depends on taller structures in the vicinity).

Your map already has one guy-wire removed, so I'd say that blowing up a second will likely weaken the tower enough to make it collapse. And if not, the shockwave of the bomb explosion will take care of that ;)

Blowing up a cable might seem pretty excessive, but I can't think of another easy and fast way to remove a guy-wire. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near one if it gets cut for example, as the tension of the cable would snap anything and everyone in half in its proximity.

A server/communication booth (aka a "shelter") could be possible, although their placement should be as convenient as possible for cables to go from shelter to tower. For every mobile network operator, there would be a seperate shelter, so you could have a different one for each bombsite.

Power supply is typically just a (set of) cable(s) coming from ground level, so not interesting for a bomb site.

Some examples:




Feel free to reach out if you want more info/references/whatever. Sorry again for the delay.

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@Squad Thank you for your expert insights. You also gave me lots of inspiration when we talked about the radio tower idea some years ago. I sure will take your kind offer to share your knowledge.

@blackdog Excelent! I haven't played these games. Thanks a lot for the hint.


So with this kind of reasurance I'm confident to stick with the anchors as bombtargets. I'll try and see if I can make the tower collapse in convincing way. Accentuating the wind should also be a good idea.


On other notes there has been another playtest yesterday. Here is the gathered feedback from that and from this thread so far.


This should keep me busy for a bit :D

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Oh boy, time is moving fast 😅




This update mainly brings a reworked mid and some changes to the bombsites.







A Site



B Site



The spawn areas also saw some alterations.


T Spawn




CT Spawn










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