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[CS:GO] cs_sauna_2019

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Hi @Mamorex, your stuff looks pretty cool!!

I know writing text is pretty boring, but a little聽explanation could go a long way in communicating your though process here!聽Design is all about decisions and intent... images don't communicate that as well as words.馃榾

The diving board jump onto catwalk / baby pool drop thing聽is crazy and original, but I'm wondering how it's gonna play out in a real match. I think it would be fine if this was聽a niche side thing, but here it's one of the two聽routes to the hostages!聽Also聽it took me a few minutes to understand the baby pool drop thing, so I think a lot of players will be confused at first... and I don't think bots can do any of these jumps btw

In the pool room again, the "concrete pillar on catwalk" part is聽weird... I know I'm聽supposed聽to walk on the railing next to聽it, but it doesn't feel great for both gameplay and fiction.

There's a lot聽of awkward, dead-end little rooms packed with props... it's cool to add spaces for storytelling, but I think they聽shouldn't be playable (e.g. door is locked, we see a cool thing through a window, and that's it)

A thing to keep in mind with interactible聽objects, is that as soon as we use one it creates the expectation that the next identical object will behave the聽same way.聽This isn't the case with doors in your map聽(green door interactible聽on T-spawn, green door non-interactible on CT-spawn...) I'd say make the interactible doors have 1 consistent appearance, and non-interactible doors have a different one.

There's a few more props that encroach navigation space, like the benches in the locker room for instance...聽I suggest having a single row instead of 2 per section, to simplify it a bit, and moving them a bit further聽away in the alcove, not aligned with the lockers, to make it less likely to accidentally bump into them while moving across the room.

This wall is at the awkward height of "Is jumpable question mark???" (it actually isn't). I'd make it a bit higher so it's visually clear


There's also a lot of snagging on small collisions. Disabling collisions on small props and聽adding clip brushes will聽solve聽that (large window by the pool, railings in the staircase, doorframes, etc.)

Overall it's looking pretty nice! Keep up the good work聽馃榿

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I want to keep the defects of the original 1.6 map, like rounder pillar,聽but I made some changes.

  • correct use of player clip brushes
  • reworked "sauna" room to eliminate lighting and gameplay problems
  • the benches were placed in a simple arrangement
  • added some props for better details, especially on CT spawn and ceiling of swimming pool
  • added trees in 3D skybox
  • some other visual and gameplay changes
  • rebuilt Panorama style radar to adapt it for all changes


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