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This is the first ever mapping contest that i'm taking part in so i'm really excited to see how this goes, good luck to all of ye!

I decided to go with a map based on a cathedral/basilisca after a bit of brainstorming with some pals. i thought of basing a map in India or Japan but i'm personally more familiar with European designs and well cathedrals just look pretty cool. I'm still not 100% sure where this map will take place (as in which country), but i'm certain that it'll be somewhere in Europe.

Should probably mention that this map will most likely be called something else when it's complete.. Or atleast i hope so.

Here are some references:



Mid and A site will take place inside the cathedral while B will be set in a garden just outside. This will probably make it harder to do (for example) a smoke execute on A/Mid but i'm hoping that i can solve that by either opening up windows, vents, etc or design the site in such a way that allows terrorists to execute without having to throw smokes across the map. I'm also worried that the map is too big or that players might gravitate towards A and Mid considering that it's faster than going to B. I Haven't been able to playtest this map with friends/other players so far and i'm not the most experienced mapper so thoughts/feedback would be extremely helpful!


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The lighting is a bit wonky at the moment but here are some screenshots.


B site:



T spawn:






A site/CT spawn:



Corridor between A and B:



Corridor between T and A




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Don't be afraid to use brighter textures and more lights, otherwise players will hardly be seen against walls and it can become frustrating. Lighter spaces also feel more open. You can still do mood lighting as long as you can clearly see other players. Good job so far tho :)

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Just as a heads-up for a big mistake I made when participating in the CEVO 2014 contest, make sure to get the scaling right from the start. Back then I wasn't really used to good matchmaking and units etc, and ended up with a cathedral the size of a planet: https://gamebanana.com/maps/181217

This is looking very promising, I'm eager to see the final results 😄

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