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Relatively newer map creator here. I've watched this community for awhile now and decided to final contribute something, even if it isn't much

My map is (going to be) set in a laboratory, similar to one with a large hadron collider and similar, with bombsites in a room with a large machine and outside in a courtyard. Not much is completed as of right now, but I've decided to post it anyway for some feed back. I don't plan on making it very far with this map but plan on learning from other's feedback for future projects.

Map link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1796105395


Current things I'm working on:

-Radar (Using a program that was linked to me, don't know why a bit is not generated. Radar shown in post should not be the one in game)

-Lighting (Used a default instance to make sure all areas are lit as of right now, I will come back to each area to manage its own lighting in the future)

-Textures (Still some ugly dev textures, I'm sorry)

-Optimization (Would like to get number of portals down)

Any feedback would be nice!20190707175735_1.jpg.d12d6fcb687ffebb7508fbb1c38d4975.jpg20190707175654_1.jpg.a5aaf55b5a65457396a4c942d5f22f0a.jpg20190707175803_1.jpg.8c086b568a62697b53a3a939b938053c.jpgde_laboratory_radar.jpg.29b0c770e9f726fc36e76057eb64d0ff.jpg



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Yeah, long corridors aren't too fun or fair. Here's a tip: the smaller you can make your map, the better. Cut the very top and bottom, move the spawns closer and make the corridors near them shorter. Also, that side room looks pointless. It is far from both sites and serves no purpose.

Don't feel discouraged, though. Nobody makes a perfect first map and often you have to scale down your ideas.

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