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played around with some bots, a few ideas for some spots,

at this spot maybe make that door accessible from the bottom door connected to the wall. this gives cts a weird kind of sniping spot that covers all but that side approach and makes it risky because the t coming from that entrance to the site can use the stairs you would have opened up as a flanking tunnel or general cover as they come into site.



this approach to the other bombsite could be opened up with an overlook in one third giving both teams information on what the route looks like and opens up interesting firefights



this spot could use a nook or maybe a small way through an apartment or something to loop around and get a vantage point on site, or as an alternate approach so not everyone has to funnel through the tunnel.



overall good work so far

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I would say that sticking to reference is not always the right gameplay choice, but聽I wouldn鈥檛 take action unless you get feedback from play testers, after al I only seen the screens not played it; atm 聽it might jump out to attention because walls are all white, maybe when you have textures there it will be fine.

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Update time!

- Added second entrance to mid so its easier for ts to take mid since mid was ct sided

- Added a second path to the B bomsite so there is more flanking oppertunities

- Sand bag聽behind mid box so ts can get more angles towards b

- Moved T spawn back to increase timings to mid and b

- Detailed the map a bit more

- Did some big work on assets

- thanks whalemen for the abbey assets :)














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