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[CS:GO] Nero (wingman)

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Great looking greybox!
I got a few points of feedback, but this may not be legit, since I never played the map and base this on looking at your overview. 
I think its better if T spawn is more centered, so the paths take more or less the same time to get to the site. 
Right now the path to the left is super fast, while the path to the right (going up) takes twice as long.
Not sure how to explain this, but the layout feels counter intuitive to me as the options for T gets limited when they progress trough the map.
In a wingman map like this I would personally do it the way arround, expand T's options when they reach more map control.
In that case, CT will get invited to push the chokepoints and try to limit T's options, but also taking more risk, by leaving the bombsite empty. 
Right now I would rather stay on site as a CT and have one guy defending the right side where two paths get together and have one guy defend the left side where basicly two paths come together in one chokepoint. 

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