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de_trieste recomendations?

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You are more likely to get feedback when you upload it to the workshop, share the link, put a overview/radar pictures and perhaps some ingame screenshots

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I was curious myself as I had been to the city and it had some potential to be turned into a map, shame Canals assets can be barely used, as not that many things can be placed from there despite Venice not being that far IRL.

However this map is truly in the earliest stages possible,

Here's the album

Images in order are, overview (warmup counter is where the CT spawn is, then B and A sites respectively with T spawn being where the knife handle is), A site, B, CT spawn and T spawn showing surprisingly well chosen skybox weather.

The layout is far too generic and lacking in a way that we probably can't help you unless you explain us your goal with the map, I see the radar has a different image to it? Anyway, all I'd like to know is if you're inspired by some other map like Cache or Italy so we have a reference point to compare and help you from here.

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