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Removed T catwalk as it was unnecessary and basically one way. You'd have to go through T spawn to rotate. So I decided to cut it out, both for gameplay and simplicity.

Widened some corridors, but a few more still need to be widened.


Bombsite B Concept: "Engine 1" (There is 2 just for logic. Second one not shown on map though.)

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Minor changes and a very little bit of cover added. More cover will be added soon.

And an idea I got: Since this is exotic places and gameplay, what if I added a centralized buyzone for both teams an equal distance apart? Thoughts?


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Workshop update: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1783407163


More props and cover added. Replaced all lights with red, much like a real submarine in deep waters. Not too red though, as we still need to see where to shoot.



Also, two details at both spawns. Ts have an emergency minisub, and CTs have an armory.



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