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This looks really sick, I'm a big fan of how the layout is looking so far. Especially B, which I think the two T routes towards it have the perfect balance of being connected, yet distinct. A few things I don't love is the extremely long sightline from the B window/platform bit, and personally I don't like the alternate T entrance to mid that features the staircase, as it's basically a massive piece of headshot cover. A site is pretty cool as well, but I feel it's dangerously similar to B's structure in it's current state, and I feel like A long is missing something but idk what. 


Also this damage is an absolute dealbreaker 😠


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@OPzy Thanks alot for the comments! Definitely something for me to keep in mind. I agree that A might need something, maybe either entrance from CT side could be tweaked somehow.

2 hours ago, OPzy said:

Also this is an absolute dealbreaker 😠

Hah, going right for the jugular! Yes i suppose that bit is somewhat controversial as well, but i felt like some sort of ammo-crate-drop could make sense next to the "pillbox" but it might be a little too crazy (i was thinking vent-drop on nuke, but being wider is maybe just too random). Also it might be redundant if i slightly rethink the stairs going down.

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Update: Workshop Link

- Fixed the long sight line at B from bridge to connector

- Added a wall at the A entrance:


I think this wall fixes some issues with A. It was feeling a bit too open, but mostly there was just way too many positions to check as T coming into the site (see the top left pic) Now its much cleaner to check the different encounter spots AND the powerful sniper position for CT is still intact but more interesting to interact with (pop a flash through the hole in the roof and run up to the wall and you now have 2 points of attack)

The only downside is really visual. I liked having the big vat/container greeting the player coming into the site, but i guess i cant have it all.

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Update: Workshop Version

Some progress here, but still far from finished. Im trying to balance assets building and actual mapping in hammer. Here's what a-site looks like so far:




There's still a ton of stuff i want to improve here (like making the ramp into a staircase!) but other parts of the map needs attention. Atm im looking at making the actual ramparts into props for better geometry detail and mapping. However turning BSP into props has it drawbacks (as ive learned the hard way) Its extremely limiting what i can do in terms of decals/transitions with regards to damage/rust etc, but some of the shapes are just too complicated to make with bsp.

I wish i could spend all the remaining time just noodling around with materials and textures!

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