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Okay I just ran around the workshop version that is up and this is more confusing than Piranesi which I had just played before it. I think the map is less labyrinthine than it is choppy in terms of flow. For example on multiple occasions the player must go forward to go backwards (old minimap, but this part is there):


Also the path with an X on it serves to confuse the player further because it seems like the logical route to take but is a dead end. I don't think making it possible to drop down to it from the bridge near A is worth the flow disruption.

It seems that this layout hinges around the middles that cross over eachother, but its hard to imagine effectively holding all these areas as a CT. If you don't want to give them free map control you have to contest the upper middle, lower middle, and both sites. This leaves only one 2 player setup.  Otherwise you face upwards of 3 attack points on each site.

I don't really see the game play value of the lower middle and it confuses the player. It took me 3-4 minutes to understand the map in noclip! The upper middle was much more logical and tied into the crashed airplane and flowed into each site nicely. It seems a bit empty in terms of cover though.

My final feedback is that the straightforward T routes drag on forever (12-13 secs each) and the A one in particular offers little interesting terrain variation. I am a fan of unorthodox layouts, but this feels like adding unnecessary layers to an existing design concept rather than actually reinventing it.

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