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22 hours ago, Interfearance said:

Mapcore plugs seem a little too big an out of place. Something more subtle like the one on the building in breach, the TV in subzero, or the bus stop in zoo would work better.

Yeah, I guess I have those there sort of like placeholder decals. Probably will work on something like that during detailing!

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23 hours ago, zoomba said:

Looks pretty authentic (i live in Hawaii)

Needs some "Brown Volcanic Lava Stone Wall", a really popular material in Hawaii.

Thanks for the suggestion! My family tends to travel to Hawaii a lot, and one thing that I thought would be nice to go for were the beachside homes near the coast, whilst still not being super abandoned from society (thus sort of the reason why it's in a resort). I really want to share the experience I've had vacationing there, so I try to keep it pretty surreal.

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