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22 hours ago, Interfearance said:

Mapcore plugs seem a little too big an out of place. Something more subtle like the one on the building in breach, the TV in subzero, or the bus stop in zoo would work better.

Yeah, I guess I have those there sort of like placeholder decals. Probably will work on something like that during detailing!

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23 hours ago, zoomba said:

Looks pretty authentic (i live in Hawaii)

Needs some "Brown Volcanic Lava Stone Wall", a really popular material in Hawaii.

Thanks for the suggestion! My family tends to travel to Hawaii a lot, and one thing that I thought would be nice to go for were the beachside homes near the coast, whilst still not being super abandoned from society (thus sort of the reason why it's in a resort). I really want to share the experience I've had vacationing there, so I try to keep it pretty surreal.

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Hello everyone! Here's an update after the playtest, which I've primarily been waiting on!

After gathering some feedback on the changes (which have been quite a while), I can put together a list of the things planned for working on.

  • Better B rotation for CT
  • B to T middle angle is too vertical, needs to be covered better
  • Work on A cover
  • Less steep positions
  • Less corridors in connectors
  • Brighten map
  • Less refract on waterfall
  • Make bar a more contestable position
  • Move up CT Spawn or push back T spawn

Only after these edits are made will I focus more on the aesthetics, but still being worked on so I can get a better envisioning for the map.

Anyways, back to the grind!

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Hey everyone! Quick update! 

Decided to go mostly independent models. Recently learned Yanzl's models are for non-commercial use, and well...

Anyways, I'm also enlisting the help of my friend, Ties, who hopefully could get some work done while I'm busy, and fine tuning the theme and layout.


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Afaik Yanzl allows the use of his assets for commercial use if you give him a cut of all earnings. You just have to talk to him to work out a deal.

Doing your own assets is preferable though. Unique assets really help a map to stand out visually.

Edited by csWaldo

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Hey y'all. Been busy with Ties reworking the map, and so far as for screenshots, I have the current radar, as well as one with with design details. 

Here are the major changes and probably more to come.

  • CT Revamp (which includes closer/changed routes, new ct middle)
  • New route around the original restaurant to A (needs playtesting)
  • New A connector (May need playtesting)
  • Widened Middle which is now more open
    • No T middle planter
    • Wood wall on B connector to engage in closer duels (Thanks to ExtraChessyPie(?)!)
  • New B routes leading onto site
    • Drop has now made as a higher elevated walkway onto the bombsite
    • Side route has two purposes: A drop from CT backsite (which was where window was) or boosting up into the elevator
      • New wall to separate backsite from bombsite, with CT being the only entrance there or boosting up the drop.
  • Reworked A main routes onto site
    • Path into bar has now been made a long corridor, exiting out into site, with a smaller bar at the back.
    • New A roof route where you can throw smokes and exit out of.
  • Possible A site rework!



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