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Last week I spent 3 days in Florence, collecting around 5000 reference photos (and a video) of a small area near the Ponte Vecchio and Uffizi Gallery.

My holidays will be turned into a defuse map called Rumble on which I will work with a close friend of mine, with its main features being that it's based off an entirely real place and features a horizontal Mid (between the sites, not spawns).

But at first, before going there I prepared everything in streetview and marked a few places in my notes that aren't so visible and made sure to take more photos of those particular photos in comparison to what's available online.

Along recording the notes I made a greybox of the map (Click if you dare for an absolute monstrosity) to see if it would fit in the game and the scale made it roughly the same size as DE_Seaside, quite a small map on its own.

The first day I parked my car late in the evening and I had to spend the time walking around the streets as most of my photos would turn out blurry without a tripod and I was pleasantly surprised how well it would work in CS:GO, with one exception of how high the buildings are (which would prevent a lot of smokes, but Nuke does just fine).

Next 2 days were spent eating out in the restaurants with my girlfriend (there was probably no other way I could convince her to bear with me spending hours in a tourist crowded spot, moving 5 meters in 20 mins at my fastest) and trying to spot things I would miss and regret not capturing when I'd be back at my computer, so I pretty much took pics of anything of reference.

I also tried to get as many interiors as I could in the area, I also paid for tickets into museums to gather a better understanding of the scale that 2D maps wouldn't really provide.

The only major discovery was that when I thought if there was a need to balance the map I'd have to resort to some underground caves or sewer areas but to my surprise almost entirety of the city area is actually raised and has basements that would suffice as ground floors by themselves and if needed, could be connected elsewhere (this should be fun).

For now, I'm doing a new complete greybox from the measurements I gathered in real life and the references for a short in game test and then it'll be exported to a 3D modelling program for a quicker detailing process but it'll all have to go back in for testing.

A snippet of current reference sorting process

Good luck to everyone else and I look forward to detailing out the process of making this map (and also a little bit of history of it in another post).

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5K reference photos, that is next level bro聽馃憤聽It is gonna definitly help you later with detailing. The visual aspect of this map has great potencial, just don't get caried away with it and focus on the layout of the map in deph first聽and I think that you can create very strong entry into this competition, as well as great map outside of this competition.

I am definitly excited about the future of this map and I will keep an eye on it.

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