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Reel - modeling and texturing (game artist)


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Nicely put together, and obviously the content is good too. Music fits quite well - nothing obtrusive but stops it from being too lifeless. I'd go for something a little more upbeat personally, but I think the song you've chosen suits your portfolio and gives off the right atmosphere.

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i love your art style, but i have a few crits :D Is that Ecco the Dolphin soundtrack?

in the beginning you show the merry-go-round from wireframe to shade, that looks great! instead of a static shot next, I would like to see a close up of the object rotating, so we can see your detail work. I'm not a fan of the static screen shots.

I'd take out the words about hand painted. Mainly because the person in the pic has a digital camera and "could" of taken photos to use as textures.

I would also take out the video in the corner of the screen and place the texture instead. My eye went straight to the video and not to you character designs :(

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Love this forum, always get some deep feedback, thanks.

Sensee - I'm willing to apply to just about anywhere, will probbaly try and pinpoint companies that deal with fantasy based games. Allthough saying that my first application has been to Rockstar North.

ReNo - Yeah, I'm not 100% sure about the soundtrack. I wanted it to be really ambient while at the same time not sending the viewer asleep!

st0lve - I do have a quite nice human model, but its such a boring design. My plan is to soon start a beast model which can cover some anatomy.

Kleinluka - Someone else thought my 'fully handpainted' quote was a lie too. But seriously, on that particular underground environment ALL textures are handpainted. Maybe it comes across as arrogant though, also as Lee3Dee says there is a reference pic of a guy holding a camera, again another confusing element of my reel. Will probably take out that quote.

Lee3Dee - Yeah static shots do not really sell the model technically, thats the main crit I am getting from people within the industry. That my reel is showing my work off artistically and not so much technically.

Again, thanks for all feedback!

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