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El Moroes

Deathloop - New Arkane Lyon's game

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Some of the character design looks kinda off, those guys in a fox mask for example, doesn't look like it belongs on a 70s action movie at all, looks out of place?

Would love to see some dudes with an afro and brown leather jacket, sporting a badass revolver and nunchucks... they need to include nunchucks in there somewhere, c'mon man! Ahah

I am sold on it though, it feels fresh enough with a good dose of familiarity from the arkane roster of games. Also, assuming this is executed correctly, it could very well offer the most replayability we've seen from a game in a long while, since it's up to you to find ways to kill those 8 guys WHILE being hunted yourself. Fucking cool idea man. 

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13 hours ago, leplubodeslapin said:

Our latest trailer that showcases how we're doing stuff with the timeloop

Hopefully it helps to understand the concept of the game !

When playing stealth games I always reached a saturation point for which I needed to go ballistic to release the tension, it felt like cheating, but it was helpful in games like Hitman cos I would start to understand the map better, discover areas I hadn't been able to reach before.

I feel like Deathloop leverages on that, takes all the ingredients from Dishonored and Prey and blends them with chilli and action for a spicy formula.The retro vibe then justifies the crazyness, makes me think of acid trips and such.

Looking forward to this. [I really need to prioritise the previous games, haven't touched them yet :ninja:]

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