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de_solitude (name subject to change)

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I guess I should probably get more detailed about the theme. 

A sample of an ancient pathogen is uncovered in the arctic. A company (ill think of a name) intends to use the sample to develop vaccines, but terrorists want the samples to use in bio-weapons.

The map itself would be partly in a research facility and partly in the glacial caves where the sample was taken. (As of now B is the lab and A is the excavation site)

Currently looking for an artist so let me know if you're interested.



Names I'm considering (in order):




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That's a good point I guess. I would be doing the layout and we would be sharing the responsibilities of art somewhat. I sort of want to wait until later in my graybox progress so I have more of the layout to show, but if you want me to show you around I can.

The main post is updated with more detail now

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