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I'm aware it's not easy to pull off and I might be nitpicky here, but artificial gravity won't work like that. The rotational force should push you in radial direction instead of axial direction as seen in your map. 

So if you'd rotate the rotation axis of the station 90° and put the playable area of the map in an area where the centrifugal force would actually push the players against the floor, the whole concept could at least be plausible. Additionally, a rotating skybox (planet/moon/stars) could fake the impression that the playable area would rotate around the central station axis. 

Might be worth experimenting with that stuff while it's still a greybox.

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Thanks for last nights playtest guys! I couldn't be there due to the fact that not only was it 4am in the morning for me, but my internet decided to go down for that whole night. Anyway, I watched you guys play it and here are the big things I noticed:

- Defending A site isn't very intuitive due to the number of buttons and stuff, so I'll cut down on that

- This whole area (in spoiler) is way too complicated and also not very intuitive, so I'll completely rework that.



- The map is too big, although I had a sneaking suspicion that was the case already. I'll do what I can to reduce this issue by cutting out the unused areas, but it'll be the hardest to fix.

A few smaller ones:
- Y'all suicided at least once per round, so I'll prevent that from happening so frequently

- The A long entrance is way to easy to camp

- Many areas remained unused for most rounds, so I'll either cut them out or make better use of them.


Anyway, thanks for playtesting guys! It helped out a lot!


@El_Exodus I know it doesn't make sense the way I'm describing it ;( I actually started this after doing circular motion and all that in physics, so I know it's all wrong haha. I'll make sure it works scientifically by the end of the graybox stage, and if not I'll just say that it's futuristic technology that we don't understand ;) 




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45 minutes ago, Vaya said:

just needs to be a bunch simpler everywhere. this would make a great halo level but fair too busy geometry wise for CSGO.

Definitely a fair critique that I'll work on for the next version. Although I want to stay unique, it's pretty clear that I've gone a little overboard in this version, and I'll tone things back a fair amount for the next version.

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Yeah I've basically given up on finishing this within the contest dates, I'm in my last year of school so I haven't really had enough time to work on it. I might come back after exams are finished (which is only two months away) and finish it in my own time. I've spent most of my freetime over the past few weeks working on this skin lol

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