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[WIP] de_greed

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Planning to make a map set deep in a goldmine with a "somewhat" original layout. Want to have map segments that plays like overpass (no normal middle).

I usually have trouble detailing maps, so I'm going to do a very rough layout test, and then i'll slowly do a complete remake where i actually try my best at detailing it.

Link and rough pictures: (No clipping currently):



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Got a lot, and I mean a LOT of feedback on this, so much that I've needed to spoiler tag it. Here we go.

T -> A:


Upper route feels too tall
Multi-storey bombsite really isn't a wise idea
You can stand on the pipe at A Mid and see way more than you should be able to
I'd remove the upper floor entirely, honestly - feels tacked on and unessescary

T -> Mid: 


Looks nice, feels nice
Mid->B is underdeveloped, Mid->A is very nice
Probably my favourite part of the map so far

T -> B:


Double-layered AGAIN!?!?
Okay, no, just the entrance, thank god
Upper and lower both feel like they have purpose, unlike A
Door feels misplaced
No cover on upper route for T's, needs more cover!
Would connect the rotate from B->A to Mid

CT -> A:


Oh, we start on A? Okay...
Bomb site should be at the pipe
Fighting at Pipe felt damn fun
where the bomb site is ATM feels out of place

CT -> Mid:


No good access to Mid!
That's a shame, because the CT angles on Mid feel nice
Mid is a good spot on the map, but NEEDS acess from CT Spawn!

CT -> B:


At first, Felt very distant
CT -> B and first contact with T's is well-timed
Back route from CT Spawn to B has no purpose
Pushing to T Spawn has no cover, very tretcherous
Makes probing for info beyond site risky
Felt good to defend once on the site
First doorway Spawn -> B needs to be widened
Pushing lower feels super-exposed

General Observations:


Like the theme!
dev texture too bright, Radar also too freakin' bright
Map is strongly, STRONGLY T-Sided
I'm going blind from the HDR
I imagine that this'd be a good map for Snipers...

In Conclusion...



3 main weaknesses of this map.

1) It's too damn big!

2) Rotates take too long - Wisest strat is to wait at spawn, wait for the Bots to find the enemy, then go that way

3) Upper route on A needs to removed - adds nothing, feels tacked on, and ruins the design

Mid felt nice, but needs to be connected up to CT Spawn. I'd keep A where it is, but remove upper and design it like a traditional site.



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Thank you very much for the feedback!

On A i agree, i changed the bombsite layout a bit with some ideas from a friend, and i lowered the upper part.


I don't want a regular mid, i want a "mid" like overpass connector which is a glorified T rotation point, that CT's can take control over (and in this case it being more rewarding and harder to do so).

I want the main battlefield to be the area outside A, so the T's fight for map control there, and CT's could possibly even play 3 there and take the map control/slowly take middle.


This also results in retakes being a somewhat regular thing, but if CT's play aggresive they can gather info and rotates can come in time (and rotates on this map are very quick in my opinion?)


I'm still very uncertain about the area where the door is, i feel like the door itself is fine and will make more sense with detailing, but maybe not how could i change it in your opinion?



Again thanks for the feedback, just trying to give my 2 cents on how i imagine it to play out. (A mix of overpass and cobblestone)

Bonus pic of changed A:




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Closed off the map to make it more "apropriate" for playtesting (meaning it is actually underground). Redid everything about short B + T spawn, changed the timings so CT's have more time to setup.

Album + minimap:





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After the playtest (casual) with the source community, we got a lot of feedback. Me and Krug (who's helping) decided to listen to what everyone said, and tried to do a version with most suggestions.

We didn't like it at all, and it felt completely like a three lane map (removing the B entrance to the mid/pipe), and removing the cool original layout stuff we had done.

We went back to the original map and did the changes, where we still had some of the "cool" ideas from the beginning.

We also thought people didn't use grenades and just camped sites, so we thought we should probably simplify some stuff / expand on other stuff to "help" the T's and the CT's in different ways.


That meant redesigning A site/ A long completely, shifting T spawn back so the CT's have much more time to setup outside A, and even contest the pipe/mid at the start of the round, which we didn't want in the beginning.


TLDR: Lots of changes, linked album with some pics and the minimap :)

We probably still need to change some stuff, and appreciate the feedback, it's surely different to see it in a big casual setting.






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