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Good work on the layout, and nice choice of theme!

Did you draw that overview on Etch A Sketch or what? 😛

Based on what I'm seeing here, I'm not sure if your sites would be close enough from CT... they look like they're halfway between both teams, while in a conventional defuse map CTs would have time to settle and even get past the site before encountering Ts... there's usually a chokepoint right in front of the site Ts have to push through. This, combined with the objective, is what makes one team feel defensive, and the other offensive!

(This might actually be what you're going for here, I'm just making assumption based on your overview)

Just throwing this out there, but since you're going for a bayou/riverside setting, you might be able to use some of the props from the L4D2 "Swamp Fever" campaign!

Keep it up, Good luck with the contest!!

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