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SoW1 vs. HL2 - Graphic quality


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We could also call it "Why HL2 should have had detail textures".

An old HL1 mod competing with the new wonderful HL2 and its Source engine? Texture quality in a game requirering a 300 mhz vs. a game which require a 1.2 gz?

Sounds insane, right? Lets see how insane it is:)

First we will try with the texture quality of tiles. In the one corner we some tiles from the trainstation in HL2 and in the other we have some from SoW_Hangar.





Lets see how it is with outdoor stuff, here a cliff/rock texture:





Note: HL2 was set to maximum texture quality.

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it's really not that important, the overal details in the map are way more important to reach realism, than the stuff you see close up

can you create rocks lit like this in hl1?


these really do not need a detail texture to achieve better realism

thesame counts for the tiles. They may look blurry in a close close up, but have you seen them when running around in a map with specularity on? That gives an effect that is far more realistic than the detail textured tiles in hl1

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No texture in any game looks ultra-spiffy that close, nor should it be expected to in anything for the next generation or two of graphics - and even then it's a waste of time and resources to bother with that small a scale. How much time are people even going to spend that close?

I can spot the number of repeating tiles at that range in your detail texture shots. If I can see that from poking my face at the ground at that range, just think how blatantly obvious that'll be over an entire scene. Your time is better spent on other features.

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