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Merry Christmas Mapcore! I am still having some issues making the right hostage area play correctly. Balancing architecture and gameplay is always hard but here it has presented me with a particular challenge. Going to have to do my best with what I have now that the deadline is closing in. I'm learning more about level design for the hostage game-mode every day so if there is one thing I come out of this project with, it will be a deeper set of knowledge for future maps! Below I have included a provisional radar to illustrate the maps current state.


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I really love the theme of the map. It's incredibly cozy. There aren't many flaws, and the atmosphere is superb. I would say the largest issue might be how similar the map feels to Zoo. It might just be the rocks. I'll list my other nit-picks here:


I suggest putting some wood over this texture transition.


I suggest you replace this with a more high-res model...


I don't know what this is. It's small anyway.


This is surely one of my favorite entries, and I wish you luck!

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The first thing I noticed after jumping into your map was the most annoying outside soundscape I ever listened to in a csgo map (ct spawn). In my opinion sounds like those should not be in a multiplayer fps.

If you stand inside this little room you can hear the birs outside very quiet but none of the other loud animal sounnds. Go one Step outside and you hear those birds and the most annoying constant sounds far too loud.


I highly recommend to use another brighter T model for better visibility. Or to make a brighter custom skin for the used T model.














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