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55 minutes ago, Tynnyri said:

Honestly this response makes little sense. You don't add detail for gameplay in CS except for nade line ups, and those less about detail and more about some pixels in textures.

Flipping images comes from drawn art where artists put their art upside down to see areas with not much focus and detail. For the artist, they've been working on a project for so long it is difficult to find problems. Flipping images give you a new perspective. 

Half of your screen is the ceiling. No matter how much you add to the floor, half of the canvas stays featureless. Go into any map and you will see that indoor areas have props, geometry and decals you never noticed on the ceilings. But the fact that you never noticed it is the point: If it was just one texture, it would look bad and you would notice that. You should really run around maps like Office, Inferno and Inferno. Good maps for ceiling inspiration. Especially for your theme.

Either read my reply once more or just give up on trying to understand what others have to say.



Ceiling so detailed I can barely see it.


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On 1/13/2020 at 6:31 AM, poLemin said:

Can you feel the crunch?! :hurg2:

Couldn't agree more :P I'm mapping almost 18h a day... it's insane!

Good luck with the remaining progress on the map, also. It's looking pretty good 😉

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This definitely has to be my favorite entry in terms of visuals. I can't tell precisely which assets are custom but the overall choice of high quality textures and models makes for an almost photo-realistic aesthetic. The shadows also contribute to that by adding quite a lot of contrast, but I agree with RadimaX that they might be a bit too dark, relative to the sky.

Perhaps it's just me, but I feel like in general picking photo-realistic textures and high quality models really opens up more opportunities for all sorts of color combinations, because such textures have a natural harmony.

In terms of the layout, I think it's pretty solid from the experience I had playing with bots. The only thing that felt a bit off was that some of the connectors were a bit too zigzaggy, but I guess it might make for more interesting angles.

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