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This is a map that I left in hibernation for a while, but recently, development have speeded up. I'll keep all WIP-pics in this folder:


Just look at file date for progress :P . I hardly every complete any maps, but right now I've been brainstorming a bit and came with a few good ideas that might help to finish the map.

This is the most recent pic so far, of an area that didn't exist like a day ago : http://www.shatteredminds.net/wip/morestuff.jpg

Can't wait for the first playtest (if I ever make it that far) :P

Also, yesterday I got my USB-flashmemory-stick, so I'll keep backups on that one...

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hmm looks rather "flat"... try have some more elevation in the map. Also how about having some more dark coners, and a better sniping alley. Every player has a diffrend playing style. I prefer to camp in dark coners, and exploit the map as much as possible. (dark coners, good unknown camping spots, penetrating enemy lines and frag their ass, etc etc)

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Looks good, but i think this map needs a better light enviorment.. If you use a batch compiler you can create some crazy lighting (i remeber blaz and i did and we actualy got the light comming up from the ground :S )

Well anyway. Try to play around with the brightness, bounce, scale ect..

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Just compiled and took a few new screens.

Allied 1st flag area "The Fountain":



Heightvariation eh? Too clean eh? Ok : http://shatteredminds.net/wip/fides_20050602_3.jpg

Scorchmarks, broken buildings, heightvariations and such will be worked on in a later stage :P . Right now, I am just putting focus on the layout, so maybe that's why it looks "clean", since I am taking everything straight out of my head, heh. No sketches or notes here, no sir!

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That fountain is crying out to be replaced by a model - its so blocky and simplistically textured that I feel it detracts from the scene. You should give some of those buildings a bit more detail too - even something as simple as adding chimney's would let you make more interesting roof lines to the outside areas, and gives the potential to give a little life to the scene with some smoke in places.

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