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11 minutes ago, Interfearance said:

Those are tasty dev textures. Where'd you find them?

spend 5 minutes in photoshop :D but the idea came from early versions of battlefield 1 maps


46 minutes ago, gamez7 said:

I love the theme! But that rotate time looks scary...

These are the rough timings I took

rough timings.png

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(if a mod can move this thread to the 3D section I would appreciate it 😀)

Radu said "see you back in another 4 weeks", but its been 5 months and I did nothing in that period which means it won't be done before the deadline

But with that said, I'm happy to say that I recently picked up the project again so if any modeller/texture-dude who would be willing to help with custom content, shoot me a message somewhere






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ehhh, I wouldnt lose all hope. last time Serious made it to top 10 despite being nothing but grey box and text infos. If the judges think you have an interesting theme int he making and fun gameplay they might be inclined to put it in the top ten to see what you can do in a month.

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