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A Site
- Removed cover
- Made CT to A wider
- Moved car closer to CT
- Covered CT to Upper sightline

B Site
- Remade T to B site
- Removed Train
- Made wooden wall smaller
- Changed skylights
- Remade T to B site path

- Added new A connector
- Added another B connector to CT passage


Just been updated  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1764994203


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I've made some yellow bumpy dudes for the subway. You can see them in-game in the post from Jack above.

noheight.png.8668aefd698ca894315e60bed855a06f.png        height.png.5874d9ee14b37948ff53cb692cad85ff.png

These photos were taken from Substance Desinger directly. I modeled and baked them in Blender and did the rest in Substance Designer. Wanted to show it off with height because it's cool.

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