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Shunker (Hostage)

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cs_shunker - Workshop link (might not be approved yet)

This is our submission to the contest. We, @ExtraCheesyPie and I, decided to make a hostage map, because they are way cooler than defuse maps, set in a museum connected to a anti-air tower from WW2.
Unfortunately we weren't able to fully detail/polish the visuals in time, but the missing detail shouldn't have any impact on the core gameplay. This first version is missing even more detail, because I was to tired/stupid to figure out how to use propper properly and thus we had to hide some detail brushes in order to stay below the brush limit.

You can find a full album of screenshots here.



Inside the anti-air tower


The exterior of the museum


Feel free to check it out!

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Surprise, this project isn't quite dead yet (at least amongst the graveyard of single post threads)!

I might as well share some screenshots of what Bristn/OP and I have been working on. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Obviously still heavy WIP



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Map update/bump. We've 'officially' released the map ;)

but its also a little unfinished in a few regards, in addition to a few catastrophic bugs we had to fix at the last minute. We will be exercising our right to update the map on this one. At the very least it's a vital lesson in time management. Hope you guys enjoy what we have done, because we'll still be slaving away at it.

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