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Name: de_bamboo

Macro Theme: based in asia surrounding a bamboo forest while having a cliff on the side

Micro themes: tside in all nature, whereas ct side is developed and old abandoned buddha statue is present.


  • each site position isn't too bad or too good (all be countered)
  • ct can see tspawn like on rianto
  • lots of camping spots while all able to be countered
  • Green, natural; and asian theme

Landmark Features: 

  • cliff with glass bridge near a site
  • Giant buddha at a site
  • middle being a cave
  • b site containing garden
  • tspawn bamboo and natural
  • ct spawn able to see t spawn far in  the distance 
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21 hours ago, Interfearance said:

This is a super awesome theme. I also like the layout of the first post 😉

Thanks, this is going to be my first ever map. i'm looking forward to beginning to making it after my exams finish next week.

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