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It's been a while but after a couple of months break from mapping i'm returning! Yey i hear you all scream. When I finally find myself a saturday/sunday job i'll purchase HL2 and get cracking with a real engine. Until that time i'm just gathering up my portfolio. It took a break from mapping to let me realise just how much I enjoy it and now more than ever I want to work in the industry. I'd appreciate any feedback you could give me on my choice of shots for my portfolio.

EDIT: I hoep this is the approiate forum :S

Nightwatch: Chapter 4:




Nightwatch: Hazardcourse



Natural Selection: ns_forsaken





DarkTruths: Chapter 2




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Impressive portfolio! A job in the industry seems like the right choice for you.

The NW shots are as usual of very high quality. The first one is too dark for me to judge anything though.

In the second picture you got CS crates, the NW texture guy really needs to come up with a replacement for that one. The cliff to dirt transition on the right needs a blend texture. Furthermore the sun is too white and lacks corona.

The alien parts of ns_forsaken have a too wierd and colourstyle for my taste. The third shot however(the one amckern also linked to) is pure sex!!!

The water in Dark Truths needs another texture(you are using an old HL one) and it needs some transparancy.

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Yay he's back! Good to see you haven't forsaken us completely man. Get your ass back to the snarkpit - this year's comp has just started, and I've a feeling it could be your year :) Love the lighting in the infested sections of ns_forsaken - its what xen should have looked like.

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Oh, it's mr. "Imakebestrocksevr" himself! Heya, MrBen :D

Wow great shots. Can't wait to see what you come up with on the source engine.

I always loved this map on the nightwatch site



I like that one a lot as well. How come I've never seen it before?

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