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DD's Story: Involves woman that does "erotic films&quot


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So I work for a company that does real estate and incorporations, and I produce websites for this company. Anyways, I was working on some websites today, as usual, when this pretty hot chick comes in for an incorporation. At first she says she does art, books, and has a website. So I'm thinking, wow, hot and smart.

Anyways, time goes along and I'm working on entering websites into pay-per-click search engines. I was working on a site called pocketflier. I've been using computers my whole life, I'm in my third year of computer science at UNLV, I log at least an hour of web time a day on average, and I have never heard of pocketflier. Well I enter a keyword suggestion tool for some real estate site in South Carolina and "South African Safari" results at #1. I'm thinking, this is funny, a search engine we pay to help produce good results does this, so I mention it to my co-worker.

During this time I overhear this hot chick say quietly, "oh.. and I do adult erotic films and some websites as well." Like as if she forgot she's a blazing hot chick that does PORN. I'm sure she makes her own websites as well... as if. Anyways, heh, she over hears me mention the search engine results to my co-worker and asks, "oh what search engine?"

I explained what it was for and said, "you've probably never heard of it, its called pocketflier." I wasn't trying talk down to her, but I guess this blew her whistle. She goes, "Oh no, sorry no, excuse me, but I know what I'm talking about, I use mozilla, I don't use Internet Explorer." I didn't laugh, but It was so hard not to, she kept going on about this a bit, then I explained to her that I wasn't trying to be rude, and that I've been using computers my entire life and have never heard pocketflier.

She soon got over it and he face returned to normal from the color of a red mozilla dragon. Anyways, thats my story, hope you find it funny. Sorry it wasn't more exciting since it involved a chick that does porn, but no, thats it. :P

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Guest The_Postman

Should've retorted with "And you sell your body to pasty fat men online. You're our new millenium's answer to the street-corner whore. Of course I value your wealth of knowledge, do, continue."

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