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10 hours ago, Maritime said:

bots are very bias towards bombsite A, i'm working on a way to fix that.

Don't waste too much time and effort redesigning your layout for bots, they behave nothing like humans so you run the risk of imbalancing the map. In my experience terrorist bots always have a preferred bombsite, probably the closest or easiest to navigate to. If you want to test their timings and approach to the other site you could temporarily cordon off the other one.

Personally I find it quite useful to have competitive twitch streams running on my second monitor whilst I'm designing/building/tweaking layouts as it keeps me in the mindset of a human player. Ultimately the only important test is getting 10 real humans to have a few actual games on your map and collect their feedback.

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Update time!

After the feedback from the forum and workshop page iv'e made some changes to the layout, mainly to increase CT presence at mid and decrease rotation times from B to A. I've increased the height of the wall that separates upper and lower A and added an alternate path into B for the CTs in order to make retakes easier. A new entrance to the A site-Mid connector has been added and the ladder at A has been re-positioned. Mid is a "one way drop" for approaching Ts (you can cross back but you need to do a few jumps that aren't viable mid-combat). A ledge has been added to the space under B's balcony so that players can boost onto the balcony or jump onto it via the snipers nest area. A truck has been removed in the garage area, the trucks at A have been reworked, and cover has been adjusted.



Also here's a potential 3D skybox:



And finally, I was considering changing the map's name to monsoon to detach it from the physical location. After playing around in blender for a bit i made a potential map pin for it:


(The Hindi says monsoon)

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