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Yellows and blues, low saturation is key.

Have a look at this:

Basically, use natural light colors for the sun/moon and the lights that are providing actual light for your map. To get that 80s neon look, use spots of color like neon signs, bright trims around things or colorful props.

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I think a good idea for getting the vibe your going for is to play around with the colors of objects and brushes. Pick a base color like light grey or so, and have splashes of blue on things like the walls and some objects. And throw in some purple here and there to contrast.

Don't take my advice too close though, 'cause at the end of the day, it's your project and I probably don't have the same idea of what you want XD

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Jeez, it's been a while since I last made any update... But development on the map is not dead!!!

I've been slaving away on this map for a Long time, and now it's time to finally show what I've done.

I took the screenshots in hammer itself, but it'll still look pretty.

So 2 Major things were changed!

A ) I reworked the chokepoint at Bombsite A since I wasn't too happy with it because I lazily put it together and it all looked messy (it was the last part of the layout that was made)

B ) I've done some detailing on a few parts and focused on it to really nail the theme that I wanted, and I believe it worked out nicely!


Here's the re-worked chokepoint for Bombsite A:







So it flows waaaay easier than the previous version, there's still the one-way drop in the last image, but everything is overall much better than before!

If it's hard to imagine what the changes are layout-wise, here's the radar (bottom left portion)





After the chokepoint was re-done, I worked on detailing a few spots on the map, and I'll let the images speak for themselves!


T Spawn:




CT Mid:





Overall, I'm starting to get way better at detailing without sacrificing gameplay! Recently I realized that playing on this map was a little dull, so I've been working at trying to make it fun, and the update at Bombsite A is the result of it!

P.S. the new assets are from FMPONE's de_santorini (they work really well with this map =-])


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