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@Plantello Yeah I guess its bad to have in functional parts of the map, but my map has T's spawn in a river and the water is clear enough to see weapons through. Also, when they are rotating back thru T there is an adjacent boardwalk to use. Since so little people use it, it can set a map apart so long as you add hard ground alternatives.


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7 hours ago, Plantello said:

Plus, water is kind of finicky anyways. It's pretty glitchy at times, and it slows people, and it splashes loudly when landed in... It affects the balance as well as the asthetics. My map used to include water in important areas, but bots handled it poorly and it was generally unpleasant to be playing around.

Well Canals, and Aztec before it, have it, and the fact you can hear the players splashing is kinda the point. I can agree that at the point where we are now, it might get a bit in the way… although I simply imagined that, being set in Cornwall, in a port, and knowing how much the tide retracts, the map would feature very low water, so it wouldn’t slow players down. You could also have that there are dry and wet paths. @text_fish has those platforms on both sides so I figured if there was water would have been up to where the overview says 6-7 seconds.

It’s not happening anyway so not a problem :D



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@blackdog Yeah, I didn't say it was pure bad, but it does affect the balance. Aztec had water to cancel fall damage. Canals has water mostly out of necessity, but it avoids putting it in the way of rotations, mainly putting it towards a new fighting area. Even Lake puts it out to the side, and I agree with that approach.

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On 7/8/2019 at 10:29 AM, text_fish said:

People keep employing me (don't they know I have a very important mapping competition to lose?) which has slowed down progress, but I got a chance to experiment with my English seaside village aesthetic the last few days:


I want to add a bit more volume to that wisteria tree, but it's already heavier on the poly's than I intended so I'm going to need to get a bit more creative with it.


Not too happy with that fence, but it's important to control movement and sight-lines. I might try raising the wall and if all else fails I'll add "Slightly less ugly fence" to my ever-growing list of assets to create.


The beginnings of a seaside ice cream stand. The finished piece will have a nicer base, and some signage.


Salty's Wholesale Fishing Supply Co. because in another life people know me as Salty instead of Text Fish. Gotta change that horrible orange text at some point. To the bottom left you'll see where I've been experimenting with hacky ways to make a sea-wall out of displacements and Valve props, but I think I just need to open Blender and make something bespoke.

That's all for now folks, see you next time.

holy shit gimme more of that ❤️

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