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HourPitores Texture Pack


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Ive just released my newest texture pack for both UT1, UT2004 as for HL2. HourPitores is a semi realistic Tech-Industrial themed pack of about 80 1024 resolution textures and is available in a JPG gallery, a UT1 UTX, a UT2004 UTX and a Half Life 2 VTF directory. In the compiled game versions of Pitores all shaders have been set. Footstep sounds have been added and correct compression has been used as well as other misc settings such as detailtextures.


The pack is mainly made up out of dark red, yellowish gray and some yellow lines but also features some blue variants of some textures so I hope it'll work well for example CTF or other teambased gametypes. The colors are subtle on purpose and the bright yellow gray is there to make sure the textures light better. The brighter a surface the easier it will be to light (brightness and shadow wise). The less saturated the textures the easier they will be to color by lighting. Too saturated colors would also be too flashy and not stylish enough

The pack is free for all non commercial mod and level use as long as you credit me somewhere. Im also always interested in seeing what people made with it so feel free to email me and show me :)

Along with the map three UT1 example maps have been created showing off these textures as well as textures from my previously released HourIndusX texture pack. Those three maps are N3oDoc's DM-Cityzen, KaMi's CTF-Gataka and DarthWeasels DM-Raze. Found on Nalicity ( http://nalicity.beyondunreal.com )

More info, pics, other stuff and whatever on http://www.planetunreal.com/phalanx/

Full res JPG gallery at http://www.planetunreal.com/phalanx/texturespitores.htm

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Cool stuff, glad to have some custom content finally! :)

Although it has to be said, i think some shadows on textures are a bit too dark and normal maps might have been more appropriate.

http://www.planetunreal.com/phalanx/tex ... high/2.jpg

http://www.planetunreal.com/phalanx/tex ... igh/27.jpg

They do look good on those ingame shots, but i'd like to see some ingame HL2 shots of those as well. (Cause UT isn't the most 'subtle' game when it comes to shadows and stuff)

I love the rock textures, they're the best ever.

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I dont know any HL2 mappers, so cant give you examples of in game HL use. If anyone makes something with them in HL feel free to send me the pics :)

I made myself a couple of cubes to test in, if anyone wants to see them in game HL2 -> http://www.planetunreal.com/phalanx/hou ... pagain.zip

My cubes rock btw :P

Specially my super leet doorbrushes and their 40 meter thick frames :P

Ive tried to include normal maps and specularity stuff but it was too much, both too much work as too space consuming, its already 30 mb and with normal maps that would have been 50 or 60 you know. People wont download it anymore then. I also dont have time anymore :/

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I think people would download it even if it neared 100mb - there simply isn't any custom HL2 content out there, and people will download any if it is good quality (and it might be somewhat similar for UT, I couldn't say).

Either way, I'm grabbing them. Good job, I'll let you know if I make use of them. The other guys on the AG2 team have been looking for custom textures to help get away from the realism that the HL2 set lends itself to, so I reckon they will love you for this :)

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I dont know how to make blends :P

Cant edit the pack anymore now.

I know that some mod and level designers will prolly get just about any size of file if its interesting but the real players need to get it too. They need to download it to to play your map or mod and I dont see them download 100 meg or so just for fun :)

Oh well, enjoy them :)

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