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On 6/12/2019 at 11:41 PM, Interfearance said:

Isn't it funny how AAA studios have become the Hollywood of gaming. They use time tested formulas (that were created when major innovation still occurred) and produce a decently enjoyable experience, but nothing to write home about. Of course there are some counterexamples but they are growing sparse by the year (Doom 2016 is one of the few that stands out. I wish we saw more competitive games that are easy to enter hard to master. However, it seems like devs are just going for fun but not really competitive to maximize their demographic and milk profits. Fortnite gradually closed the skill gap as it went on to "nerf" veteran players. I don't have to explain why that is bullshit. Before this idea we had COD which had an infinitesimally small skill gap and appealed to everyone, resulting in maximum profit for Treyarch. I can't seem to find any mission based games that don't involve forcing the player to pay for everything to spare themselves hours of grinding. Sure you can play mobas for a mmo competitive experience, but its not really my cup of tea because of epilepsy inducing effects, lack of mechanical game play,  and level up systems that allow players to have an edge on you. I could go through every genre denouncing some aspect of it but this is really just a criticism of major names in the business and their checklist/handbook approach to game development and lack of innovative effort. One thing is for sure; the industry does not punish them one bit. These guys know what makes money.

Well, like Hollow-wood, Games publishers are not really any different in terms of the sort of people they hire: spreadsheets-wearing-suits/suit-pant-suits.

Check the job listings to work in the executive branch of a games publisher, it's all spreadsheets and product-marketing-led desirables. The people working in the executive-branch typically come from another consumer-led industry, like: sports apparel, healthcare and beauty, cosmetics, soda-pop, Public Relations, music, lifestyle magazine/e-zines, fast-food and so on.

The highest requirement in gaming is typically 'must have an interest in the games industry' and that is about it, because in the executive branch it doesn't really matter that you understand anything about games, just how to get products sold, on the shelves and promoted accordingly, with a massive back-end in marketing statistical analysis for the future.

This is why there is a homogeneous tonality to gaming: lowest-common-denominators rule, as the data is like a bell-curve.

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